Monday, 12 March 2018

Please contact the rescue before you buy a cage, very often cages sold are below the welfare standard, please contact for recommendations. Minimum for a pair is 120cmx60cm or 48 inches x 24 inches, on one level.  I sometimes have indoor cages available to adopters that meet the rehoming size, I can also point you in the right direction for the correct sized new cages and hutches for the best price online (not petshop prices!).

Guinea pigs at the rescue this week:

Ryker & Gavin

Available now. Ryker & Gavin. Males, 6 months.  Lively boys that will blossom in a family with treats and cuddles.  

Oreo & Mortimer Rehomed 17/3/18

REHOMED.  Oreo & Mortimer, 2-3 yrs.  A fun pair of boys, big personalities, both think they are the most fabulous pigs and love to tell the world.

Jed & Kelvin Reserved

RESERVED.  Jed & Kelvin 10 months.  Happy, strongly bonded boys, Suitable for most families.

Beatrix, Angelica & Calypso

Available now.  Beatrix, Angelica & Calypso. 12-15 months.  A stunning trio of ladies that will need regular grooming and the occasional trim to keep their fabulous coats in good condition.  Experienced home only.

Igor & Inga

Available soon.  Igor & Inga.  Igor is neutered, 10 month old, he's a bundle of energy always hoping for a treat.  He's very happy with his wifelet Inga, she's only 4-5 months old and learning quickly from her husboar that people aren't so scary, especially when they come armed with veggies.  

Mums and daughters Rehomed 17/3/18

REHOMED.  Mums and daughters. 12 months, 2@ 27/1/18, 1@ 3/2/18, 9 months.  Names to be chosen by their new family.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Mikey & Gilbert Rehomed 10/3/18

REHOMED.  Mikey & Gilbert, 7 months old.  A lovely pair of young males, suitable for most families.

Heath & Ianto Rehomed 25/2/18

REHOMED.  Heath & Ianto 18-24 months.  Lovely boys, good friends.  Suitable for most families.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Elliot & Forest Rehomed 18/2/18

REHOMED.  Elliot & Forest 18-24 months & 10 weeks (dob5/12/17).  Elliot is a big lad, a big soft lad, he's being a perfect unclepig to baby Forest.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Beau & Gordon Rehomed 4/2/18

REHOMED.  Beau & Gordon 18-24 months & 8 weeks (dob 5/12/17).  Beau is a very friendly outgoing piggy, little Gordon is a confident baby, enjoying the company of such a kind unclepig.  Suitable for most families.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Eugene & Jory Rehomed 3/2/18

REHOMED.  Eugene & Jory. 16 months old.  Well bonded, these boys would be best suited to a boar experienced home, regular lightweight grooming required for swiss lad Eugene.  Jory is a bright piggy, always with an eye out for a treat.

Dinah & Elspeth Rehomed 3/2/18

REHOMED.  Dinah & Elspeth 7-10 months & 8 weeks (dob5/12/17).  A delightful mother & daughter pair. Dinah is from a sad background so deserves the very best in life, as do all piggies.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Lily & Lace Rehomed 27/1/18

REHOMED. Lily & Lace, 18 months old.  Beautiful girls, full of character. Best suited to a home experienced in grooming as they are coming back in to coat now and it looks to be long and luxurious, typical of the peruvian breed.

Madeline & Helga Rehomed 28/1/18

REHOMED.  Madeline & Helga.  Helga, 15-18 months, mum to young Madeline, 8 months.  A lively, vocal pair that enjoy attention and treats, lots of treats. 

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Maxine & Rachel Rehomed 21/1/18

REHOMED.  Maxine & Rachel, 9 months old.  Strong willed, funny girls, very food orientated and vocal.  Best suited to a family with no/older children.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Agnes & Arthur Rehomed 27/1/18

REHOMED.  Agnes & Arthur, little Agnes is 6 months old and her neutered husboar Arthur is 18 months.  Strongly bonded and very lively pair, full of fun.  Suitable for most families.