Friday, 3 December 2010

Baby Boys - OUT OF DATE

Boar-Dating Service
There are a number of baby boys available as companions to lone older males, they are living with Uncle Johnny until their new friend comes to take them home. JohnnyPig takes on all the baby boys, as they have to leave their mothers at 3 weeks old to prevent any accidental pregnancies. The boar-dating service will pair your lone male with a suitable partner please phone for details.

Guinea Pigs For Rehoming OUT OF DATE

Autumn & Breeze - REHOMED
Mother and daughter, Autumn is 9 months old and little Breeze is 6 weeks. Autumn arrived at the rescue with a litter of three babies and was already pregnant with her next! Sweet natured girls who will make lovely family pets. They require an indoor home as they are too small to winter in a shed.

Herbert & Jones - REHOMED
8-10 months old. This cheeky bundle of energy is very friendly and inquisitive. His new little friend is a young boy born at the rescue. Herbert is full of character and cuddles and Jonesy is so very sweet.  These two spend a lot of time running and playing , they will make ideal family pets. They will require an indoor home as the baby is too small to winter in a shed.

Mick & Dick - Available now
These two have great fun playing and running around most of the day, dad Mick is very cheeky and wants to know everything that is going on - you'll often see his little face at the side of the cage watching your every move. Mick is 6-8 months old and Dick is 16 weeks.

Rowan & Ewan - Available now
Young pair of boys, approx 4-5 months old. Rowan is a crested pig, very inquisitive and vocal while Ewan is a bit more shy. Both are ready for a new family and will benefit from regular handling to help their personalities shine through.

Thomas & Benji - REHOMED
A pair of young males, approx 3-4 months old. These boys are still rather shy but are gaining in confidence now that they have been handled and given lots of treats. They are ready and waiting for their new family.

Benjamin and Thomas jr - Can be reserved.
Dad is the father to most if not all the farm rescue babies born at the rescue, he is approx 6-8 months old. He is paired with the youngest boy from that rescue, who is now 10 weeks old. These boys are currently with a foster family so that they can get the individual attention they require to lose their fear of people.  Once 'family friendly' they will be back and ready for their new lives.

Mia & Cindy OUT OF DATE

Mia & Cindy - Available now.
Both the girls have been on pregnancy watch and happily both have proved not to be expecting.  They are very happy girls and spend  lot of their day playing.  Mia (tortie & white) is 6 months old and Cindy (cream & white) is 4 months old. 

Laurel & Cassie - Rehomed

Laurel & Cassie - REHOMED
These are two of the lucky ones from the farm rescue as neither were pregnant and they are now ready for their new home.  Cassie is only about 16 weeks old and Laurel is approximately 5-6 months old.  They will make lovely family pets.

Melanie & Geri - Rehomed

Melanie & Geri - REHOMED
Melanie arrived at the rescue with a litter of five babies and was already pregnant with her next.  They will need an indoor home as the baby is far too small to winter in a shed, poor Melanie has been through quite enough in her short life and really deserves to be treated like a princess.

Blanche & Daughters OUT OF DATE

Blanche & Daughters - Available now.
Blanche came to the rescue together with her mum Melanie, dad Mick and 4 brothers, sadly the family were not separated into boy/girl groups so Blanche and her mum were both pregnant.  Blanche gave birth to 2 large and beautifully marked girls, if possible I would like to rehome all three together as they are very happy as a family group.  As Blanche is only 14 weeks older than the babies they all play together as a group of youngsters.

Lindy-Lou & Daughter OUT OF DATE

Lindy-Lou & Daughter - Available now.
Lindy-Lou is a farm rescue girl, a very young mum as she must have become pregnant at 4-5 weeks old.  She gave birth to 2 babies and is an extremely happy and vocal mum.  Lindy-Lou will greet you every morning  with squeaks and popcorning.  She and her little girl will require an indoor home as they are far too small to winter in a shed.

Trudy & Daughter OUT OF DATE

Trudy & Daughter - Can be reserved.
Trudy is one of the farm rescue girls, she is a very young mum and became pregnant at only 4-5 weeks old.  She has been a wonderful mum, looking after her two little ones even though they are now almost as large as she is!  She will be available together with her only daughter after the Christmas period.

Marigold & daughters OUT OF DATE

Marigold & Daughters - Can be reserved.
Marigold is one of the farm rescue girls, arrived pregnant, starving and with a heavy mite infestation.  She went on to give birth to 4 babies and has proven to be a fabulous mum.  She is slowly regaining her hair now that she has weaned the babies.  She is available together with her daughters as a group of 4 or in pairs.  She is currently with one of my foster families that have kindly helped out with the baby explosion and will be back at the rescue after Christmas, ready for rehoming.

Poppy & Petal Rehomed

Poppy & Petal - REHOMED - Poppy was reserved before she gave birth and her new owner has waited patiently (well impatiently LOL) for Poppy and her only daughter to be ready to come home.  Not long now!