Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Maud & Iris

Maud & Iris - dating - Possibly mother and daughter, certainly related.  12 months and 6-8 months old.  Shy girls who would benefit from gentle handling.

Patty & Poppy Pumpkin Rehomed 22/12/11

Patty & Poppy Pumpkin.  REHOMED.  Mother & daughter, little Poppy was born on 16th Oct '11 so is still just a little baby but with a very big voice, she will let you know when it's veggie time!  Suitable for a quiet family or adult home.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Shadow & Flame - Rehomed 21/12/11

Shadow & Flame.  REHOMED.  Shadow has adopted little Flame as his own after he arrived at the rescue following the death of his cagemate and the family's decision not to take on any more.  Shadow is 18 months old and little Flame is 3 months old.  Shadow is a shy boy and would suit a quiet home with lots of time to spend giving cuddles.

Rude Rollie & Wallace - Rehomed 19/12/11

Rude Rollie & Wallace.  REHOMED.  These two boys have formed a very strong bond since they met here at the rescue.  Rollie, 12 months old, has been waiting for the perfect partner after the death of his best friend.  Little Wallace was born here at the rescue after his mother was saved from a very poor life, in which she sadly lost her last litter of babies to cats.


The Sow Dating-Service
There are a number of females available as companions to lone females or neutered males. The dating service will pair your lone piggy with a suitable partner please phone for details. Bonding pigs takes a great deal of time and observation therefore only one date a week is booked, this can mean that there is a waiting list.

6-8 months - REHOMED

Fiona (below) and the above ginger girl have been rehomed as a pair as they were very happy to live together.
Approx 18+ months old REHOMED

Cherry 4 months - REHOMED

Ruby 12 weeks - REHOMED

Geraldine - REHOMED - approx 18 months old.  A large lady who has an equally large squeak and is the lead soloist in the breakfast chorus.