Sunday, 24 June 2012

Joey & Albie Rehomed 5/7/12

Joey & Albie - REHOMED - 12 months old, dark eyed white teddy, 2 month old gold and white funky coated baby.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Callam & Ethan Rehomed 22/6/12

Callam & Ethan - REHOMED.  Approx 10 months old.  Two stunning boys that are now ready for their new family.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Pascal & Ludwig Rehomed 12/6/12

Pascal & Ludwig - REHOMED - Pascal DOB 6/4/12.  Ludwig 6-8 months,  is a densely coated sheltie that will require daily grooming, indoor home only, best suited to fleece/vetbed bedding.  Baby Pascal  is a curly coated cross and just adorable!

Arran & Arno Rehomed 11/6/12

Arran & Arno, - REHOMED - father and son, approx 4 months and 8-10 months.

Geraint & Gareth Rehomed 10/6/12

Geraint & Gareth - REHOMED - Geraint is 15 months old Little baby Gareth was born at the rescue (19/4/12) and has been adopted by Geraint as his new best friend.  These two are so very happy together, Geraint is a chilled out piggy and Gareth is a complete nut.  Geraint enjoys cuddles and treats, Gareth enjoys zooming about and exploring.